Using Transfer Attributes In Maya Between Characters Efficiently

If you’re looking to transfer UVs between meshes, this is the video for you. Daryl demonstrates how to use Maya Transfer Attributes and provides tips on improving performance when working with skinned models (such as reducing clutter or using sparse subdivisions).

A quick demo of how to transfer UVs between two meshes and a workaround or hack to delete the performance robbing history on the skinned mesh

When Daryl passes UV’s from a lower resolution model onto a higher one, the performance takes hit when working with or trying to move around. He notes that deleting non-deformed history on your character will not improve this as Transfer Attributes is calculating in real time and works just like transferred data points for polygonal models which can be used later down the line if you so wish – though it requires more work from our end because we have no historical information about what those older keys were assigned too before now!

When dealing directly between resolutions greater than 1:1 (or 2), there may exist situations where moving through space creates certain kinds of geometric distortion within an object’s outline; however these same technical imperfections offer us some potential.

Daryl has a great tip that will help you avoid losing all your history when deleting an object. He suggests transferring attributes from another intermediate shape and hiding it as the original so only its name is visible in Maya’s Transfer Attributes window, then delete with impunity!