Using Vertex Painting In 3D Coat With Procedural Textures

The CandyFloss Kid takes a look at an interesting new feature in 3D-Coat that will be sure to make your designs come alive. Vertex Painting is particularly useful when you want to add texture and detail but can’t find what else has been used before, or if there are specific areas on the model where more paintwork needs doing – like logos for example! The Beta prerelease version 4 of this software was just released last month (Feb 2012), so keep checking back here because we’ll let all our readers know as soon as it goes live 🙂

3D-Coat is a new sculpting application from Pilgway that allows you to create 3D models using voxels. You can also Export your work in various file formats and use Ptex for maximum rendering fidelity!
The possibilities with this program are endless–you’ll never run out of ways how it could be used on any project size or style thanks to its easy interface, robust features list (including layers), wide variety textures included as well as support for UV mapping among other things).