Using Wiggle On Position For The Puppet Tool In After Effects

After Effects is an amazing tool for creating videos, but sometimes you need more control over the characters. This tutorial shows how to animate expressions on a Puppet Pin using two independent pins in After Effects and then exports them as JSON or Collada so that they can be used with other programs like Harmony remotely via socket programming!

Ryan Boyle writes: This tutorial covers how to apply expressions for the x and y positions separately in After Effects using puppet tools. In my previous Wiggle on Position, I showed you that when creating movements with separate dimensions options it is possible by using an expression rather than just choosing Separate Dimensions from within puppet tool’s menu bar; however there isn’t one specific option like this so instead we’ll use another type of expression called “value” which lets us enter numerical data into certain fields but doesn’t change their appearance at all!

In this tutorial we use the following expression:

w= wiggle(3,25);

Wiggle (5,10) means wiggle 5 times a second 10 pixels. In After Effects [0] is the x position, [1] is the y position, and [2] is the z position. When you use the “value” expression it keeps the value editable and doesn’t effect or break the expression if you change it.