Valorant 3D Animation Tutorial Blender

By fyan

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Video description

Do you want to make your animations stand out?

Animation can be a great way of telling stories with engaging characters and unique movements. But what if the scene has no real environment or props, like in many cartoons for instance? If this sounds all too familiar then I have some good news! You don’t need anything else apart from Blender 3D software (and maybe PowerPoint). We will learn how it is possible create professional looking animated videos without having any expensive assets at hand by following these easy steps:


Ground Texture


Chapter 1: Intro 0:00
Chapter 2: Getting Started 3:56
Chapter 3: Workspace 6:13
Chapter 4: Posing and Animating 8:55
Chapter 5: Mixamo 12:51
Chapter 6: Valorant 3D Environment 23:09
Chapter 7: Lighting, Camera, Render Settings, Rendering 35:53
Chapter 8: How to make money 46:53
Chapter 9: Outro 48:20


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