Various Methods For Overshooting Animation In After Effects

Overshoot is one of the most important principles in traditional animation. It’s used to make characters look more realistic by making their poses stick out when you don’t expect it, like jumping or turning suddenly for example. Let Daniel show how he created overshooting with this quick video!

Overshooting is an animation principle which helps not only to bring life to your animation, but also realismDaniel Brodesky

Overshooting animation or motion is when you extend beyond the pose and then settling back to your original position. In essence, overshooting its intended position for this type of element in a video production such as YouTube videos with scrolling text message boxes that show up at certain points during playback where they cannot be read because we need our eyes focusing on something else more important like what’s going down front stage!

This technique can also apply if one needs some movement but not right away; maybe before transitioning into white space without anything happening–you get my drift?

Daniel explains the concept of overshooting animation in great detail, with some helpful tips from Dan Ebberts. He also goes through how you can script your own motion effects using Expressions for After Effects CS5 or higher!

Overexposed animation techniques have come to be a common way for photographers and videographers alike. Check out the tutorial on how they are done in After Effects here!