Vdb Painter Offers Artist Friendly Tools For Openvdb Sdf Volumes In Houdini

David Fuhrer has been working on procedural tools for working with OpenVDB SDF volumes within Side Effects Houdini. VDB Painter (formerly mbPainter), will offer an artist friendly toolset that makes it easy and intuitive to work interactively in 3D space!

VDB Painter is an incredibly powerful tool that includes brush tools, mesh fusion and filter capabilities. The benefits are augmented by the ability to work on a single node starting from binary data within Houdini’s Viewport- allowing artists access all OpenVDB’s interactive functionality right in your favorite app!

VDB Painter, artist friendly tools for interactive control over OpenVDB SDF Volumes in Houdini.

The examples in this book are particularly interesting because they show how to use the tools for sculpting and hard surface modeling.

VDB Painter Features

  • Full Interactive Workflow from one SOP. (Binary Data is stored within the Asset)
  • Sculpting Tool Operations with Autocaching and Mari Styled Bake Function.
  • 8+ Generic Brush Operations (Airbrush, Cutter, Erasor, Smooth, Soft Add/Remove, Spliner, Buildup)
  • Global Mirrored Paint and Mesh Fusion.
  • Fully Integrated Interactive VDB Combiner within the Viewport (Mesh Fusion): Add, Remove and Inverted mode.
  • Voxel Resolution Resample on the fly at any time.
  • Support for Custom User Inputs in all Context.
  • Custom User Input for Projection Painting.
  • Basic Filter Tools: Noise, Blur and Smooth

You can download an Alpha version for the OpenVDB tools, and read through installation. The documentation will help guide you as it describes what features are available in this database format!