Version Snapshot For After Effects Simple Backup And Restore Of After Effects Projects

If you have used the Increment and Save function in After Effects, then it’s time to take that step forward into a whole new world with qp Version Snapshot script from Christian Lett.

A “version snapshot” is just a timestamped copy of your After Effects project stored in the same folder as it’s saved to. This means that every time you make changes, save and reopen this file or open up another one with different settings from what was used before – all previous work will be updated accordingly!

If you’re working on a project and want to save it in case something goes wrong, then take out your phone. If there’s anything about this article that might be helpful for future projects let me know!

You can check out the qp version snapshot script for After Effects here. For a limited time, it’s only $19.99 then going back to its original price of 29$.

qp Version Snapshot adds extra functionality from “Increment and Save” with:

  • Make as many backup snapshots as you like but continue working with your “live project” without ever-increasing version numbers
  • Categorize snapshots as regular or milestones
  • Add descriptive notes
  • Optional “Info Card” comp created in your AE project with snapshot information for quick reference (CS4+)
  • Restore snapshots into your live project – no cluttering up of your Recent File List!
  • Archive/Delete snapshots you no longer require from within the UI
  • Browse and restore auto-saves too!