Verve Painter A Tiny Fluid Dynamics Based Paint Application

Timur Baysal, an artist from Turkey who creates experimental projects with fluid dynamics and brushes to push the paint around. He demonstrates his new painting application for mobile devices that uses these tools in Verve Painter (early development). It’s tremendously fun!

Verve – an experimental fluid dynamics based painter This is just a quick little demonstration of its present state, very early in the development

Timur Baysal –

Verve Painter

Taron was working on another project when he realized that there might be something here. That led him to build Verve, a fluid dynamics based painter with interface for use in games and other applications; it can run entirely on the GPU including everything seen within its user interface which makes is impossibly small at only 260 KB!

Verve Painter is free to use, only requiring the graphics card no older than three years and it works best with Windows systems. You can check out this website for more information about Verve painter or get an early download here!