Video and Image Compositing in Indigo

PLEASE NOTE: You will need to update your iClone to at least version 6.03 to take advantage of the features shown in this video. To find out more about removing 3D objects from the background when compositing, check out our help file here:

ALSO: You can also composite Indigo image sequences over top of real-life video as well. To learn how to render Indigo image sequences, check out our tutorial here:

One advantage of using a photo-realistic render engine like Indigo is the ability to convincingly composite your renders over photographic or real life video backgrounds. This potential opens up iClone to a whole new production workflow, introducing it to the realm of high-quality computer graphics. This tutorial will show you how you can render your scene using foreground alpha techniques, and then composite it over top of photographic backgrounds. 

1:44 Simulating Sunlight
3:00 Selecting Foreground Alpha
3:48 Compositing Images
7:34 Image Layer Adjustments