Visualize Uvs In Object Space With Houdini

What are the benefits of UV mapping in 3D space? One reason is that you can visualize your textures more easily. This may be useful for certain applications, such as visualizing clothing patterns or creating exhibition displays with real-life items on display instead of simple 2d representations like we’re used to seeing from before!

allows you blend between your object’s points from Object Space into UV Space

UV visualization in Houdini is a fantastic way to help you figure out which UV islands are located where on your mesh. Lumi 3D Studios offers one of their free nodes that will allow for this, so if you’re looking into moving over from Maya or another app it’s worth taking advantage!

It’s really kind of cool, and it can be downloaded for free on Orbolt. Check out the UV Visualizer node to visualize your Houdini scene here!