Visualizing Flight Path Simulations With Houdini

Entagma’s Moritz Schwind dives into how to create a visualization of flight path simulations with Side FX Houdini

Data Visualization: A Hotspot in Motion Graphics
Data-driven animations and graphics have become increasingly popular with the rise of data visualization. Data can be used to make anything seem more engaging or real, but there is always a strain when applied improperly that makes things less than believable for your audience’s eyes (too pixelated).

“When creating these elements,” says Moritz from Entagma Design Lab”, you are left with two approaches: faking it vs.”the real thing”. The latter was demonstrated on their latest project which uses publicly available airport and route data model flight path series onto globe using Public Datasets API.

Moritz shows how to import CSV data into Houdini using it’s built-inimport node. The tutorial goes on top convert geographic (lat/lon) coordinates into cartesian ones and finally tweaking the appearance of a flight path:
I must say, this was an interesting look at making some tweaks with what seems like just colors!

You will be able to visualize a plethora of other publicly available geographic data with the help these techniques. Visit Entagma for more information!