Vray Chaos Scans Tutorial: Easy Photoreal Materials in 3Ds Max | RedefineFX


By RedefineFX

In this new 3Ds Max tutorial, we’re covering the Vray Scans library and how to easily import photoreal materials into your scene. Learn more with our complete playlist: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLRwdP2lOr4A6CK3K3e-YxCSkgv9KiT3tz

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This is the Vray Scans leather material I use in the tutorial: https://download.chaosgroup.com/vrscans/302/leather_red_s

In this Vray tutorial for 3Ds Max we’re covering the library of 1000+ scanned materials turned into physically accurate vrays that you can access on chaosgroup.com with a handy search engine, which has many other useful features like being able to tile or repeat an object so it takes up less space when used in your scene! Lastly I go over how color changes work – if anyone is interested in learning more about creating scenes using photoshop elements techniques then definitely check out my channel where i have 16 different videos showing these types of things.

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0:00 Access the vray scans library
0:35 Download vray scans materials
1:00 Import scanned materials into 3Ds Max
1:20 adjust texture tiling
2:28 change color of material
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