Watch Houdini Play A Diy Modular Synth

Marcus Duprat shows off his home-built synthesizer and shows how Houdini can play it.

Marcus Duprat is a Effects Technical Director who ended up making an effects-laden, DIY modular synth. He realized that he couldn’t play it very well so instead of trying to learn how to use all these new features on his own accord; Marcus had Side FX Houdini do the work for him by playing sounds from its library in perfect timing with what you were supposed too hear!

“After finishing the synth, I got an idea to try making a sequencer in Houdini and also some notes are played by simple RBD simulation.

Marcus covers how it all works with a demonstration of how animations can sound.

Houdini Music Toolkit (HMT).

Andrew Lowell, the Houdini co-founder and resident guru of simulation has created a toolkit that will take your music making capabilities to new heights.
A while ago he transposed some things specifically designed for music using his expertise in geometric algorithms with those found within this programmable engine known as “Houdini” which can be used by anyone from beginners all the way up through professionals looking to create something unique on an ongoing basis without having any technical knowledge whatsoever about how they work!

The Houdini machine tool is an amazing, versatile program that can be used for anything from creating photorealistic simulations to generating patterns of notes. The system uses CHOPs (CHromatics Hand-Orientated Processor) which are capable import or export MIDI file data into midi files as well as directly outputting on the port you choose! It also allows artists and composers alike access powerful tools like those found in hhmi’s open node based architecture typically applied when producing Photoshop paintings but now available at your fingertips via this one software package with many features including easy pattern creation using built-in synthesizers among others.

The HMT is not the first time 3D and music have mixed. A while back London based Motion Design & Animation Director Simon Russell experimented with pipelines, geometry to trigger audio in a process he calls “Houdini Music Video” which also includes an innovative use for Adobe After Effects as well!

The output tone should be more creative.