Watch The Top 5 Cinema 4D Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts are like the first line of defense in combatting a project. They can cut down on clicks, make repetitive things quicker and more efficient for you to do so with less tiring!

Daniel Danielsson, a Motion Graphics artist and former Pixar employee has put together an informative list of top keyboard shortcuts for Cinema 4D users. The four listed below are just some examples:
A-Z *Numbers 5 through 0# “/” key plus Plus button 8£>6 £ .spacebar $Windows > Button 7tilde ( ~ ) Key 9 Apostrophe (‘) Shift.

The space bar is a really handy tool. It lets you switch between the selection and last used tools without having to worry about clicking them, just tap twice on it!

No.4 is a family of 4 keyboard shortcuts that share the same category – graphs. L & A along with 0 (zero) and B will change your graph from linear interpolation, which you’ll need quite often during animation; they can do this by switching between them using their numbers on top while pressing Enter/Return key to apply changes immediately! The shortcut for these four commands are as follows: 1-Lumbar tap 2 Y Axis Invert 3 X Axis Flatten 4 Tangents Break.

No. 3 The H and S keys will frame all your objects so that they fit the viewport, but it’s not just for packing things into tight spaces! You can also use them outside of any perspective-based applications like UI Designers & Devs who need help with their documents or even designers without access to Photoshop – command F1 is always there as an option when something needs clarification on how certain functions work in After Effects CS5/CS6
There are many more tricks up this sleeve however.

No. 1! The number one way to make your 3D designs come alive with the power of Cinema 4D is through Shift C, which gives you access to everything from creating new worlds and characters all the way upFilming them for posterity or just playing around in an interactive level editor that lets users create their own levels based off pre-determined templates called “places.”
Mention other tools at Danielsson’s Top 5 List.