Watch What’s New With Maya’s Quad Draw Workflow

Maya 2017 Update 3 adds refinements to the modeling toolkit’s retopology tools, making Quad Draw much better. Most notably, quad draw overlay is easier to see on live surface that you are working with and through improved depth sorting Z-fighting will no longer occur when new faces pop in from all over or do this weird thing where they just stick out like sore thumbs instead of blending into your mesh as before! Quads can be assigned color settings so it’s easy for organizing things according edge flow or polygon count too.

Maya’s new retopology tools even more detailed than before. Now you can also use a selected object for drawing faces and points, which are perfect if the model has complex surfaces with many N-gons or polygons in its mesh export file format . Activating quad draw mode while editing an item using this feature will make sure everything is drawn with accuracy thanks to how strict it holds itself when using brush size limitations during playtime!

Watch Autodesk’s Steven Roselle cover all the new features for QuadDraw in Maya, and what it looks like when you create an object from scratch.