Waves Crashing On A Beach With Blender

Steve Lund Covers Creating a Section of Ocean, a Beach, and Some Waves crashing Using Blender’s Fluid Simulation

CG Geek Steve Lund has the power to teach you how create a slice of beachfront with animated waves crashing and shoreline. He starts by teaching everything that is needed for an ocean, complete with foam on top as well!

The first part of this 2-part tutorial will teach you the basics on how to work with fluids in Blender, while also suggesting some cool effects that are achievable through shaders. The second video goes into even more detail about settings for achieving realistic results!
The following text is an introduction from Part 1: “Hi there!” This two-video series begins by teaching beginners all about designing simulations and Character Animation using Cycles nodes + FBX Import/Export plugin – which provides facilities such as bone assignment analysis alongside model export formats including COLLADA or Open Asset Base (OBJ). We assume no prior knowledge so.

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