Ways To Create An Animated Smear Effect In After Effects

Mikey Borup Shows Some Different Ways to Build an Animated Smear Effect With Vectors

Cinema Spice’s Mikey Borup shares a few methods for creating an animated smear effect that helps create the illusion of movement between two poses. The techniques center around motion blur without traditional soft edges, which can often times lead to blurring out object features; but with these new skills you will be able make them stick out even more!

One of the simplest ways to make an element appear longer is by affecting its levels. All you need are some layers, a motion blur effect and lots of patience! You can also use echo animation which creates similar results but plays back at different speeds for each repeat cycle.

Learn 3 methods to create a smear effect rather than a traditional motion blur in After Effects

There are three ways to control the Minimax effect in After Effects. One technique uses expressions, another is more manual but less flexible while still being able to produce satisfactory results on most projects; finally there’s a third system that leverages prebuilt keyframes which can help you get started with minimal hassle if none of these other methods work for your needs
The first option – using filters and effects directly on objects or timelines- isn’t always ideal because they create too many distractions when trying something new. The second method requires some familiarity with motion graphics terminology like acceleration curves so it might take longer than necessary before becoming comfortable enough…