What is Cinema 4D?


By Maxon

MAXON Computer is a leading developer of 3D software for the creative industries. Best known for Their flagship product, Cinema 4D – which enables users around the world to create cutting-edge motion graphics and more– MAXON has thousands upon clientele who rely on their expert services in this space!

MAXON is a company that specializes in computer graphics for architecture and construction. In 1986, three men founded it: current CEOs Harald Egel (#1), Harald Schneider (#2) ,and Uwe Baertels(#3). MAXON headquarters has had many moves over time due to their rapid growth but currently they’re located right outside of Germany’s Dusseldorf city limits at the settlement named MEDIATEC Commercial Complex #MCC-DUSL4105 . They also operate subsidiaries all throughout North America which includes New York City as well distributed globally through 150+ distributors & resellers across 80+ countries worldwide

Cinema 4D is a powerful, yet easy-to use 3D animation software that was first released commercially in 1993 on Amiga platform. The program has been constantly evolving since its initial launch with milestone releases like BodyPaint 3D which can be used to create any digital art form imaginable through painting techniques for an even more immersive experience than before!
Cinema Workflows takes this idea further by incorporating additional tools within their application such as motion tracking data allowing artists/designers complete control over how objects move across screen space; particles simulation allowing designers access simulations at lower polygon counts without sacrificing aesthetics or complexity (think fireworks displays); hair rigging system facilitating faster character development during preproduction stages because it automates common tasks usually handled manually including align

More info on Cinema 4D: http://www.maxon.net

Download the Cinema 4D trial version: https://www.maxon.net/en/try/demo-download/