What’s New And Updated In Maya Bonus Tools 2020

This new update from Steven Roselle is a must-have for all Maya users.

The Autodesk Maya Bonus Tools release offers a variety of new and updated tools for the latest version. In this video, Steve Roselle walks through what’s available in 2020 with his informative commentary on these additions to your app store essentials toolkit!

Maya Bonus Tools 2020

As a Maya user, you’re in luck! Bonus Tools 2019/2020 is an exciting new collection of useful scripts and plug-ins available to download. Installing them will place an additional pull-down menu at the end of your main menu with several related tools for easy access right where they need it most.

New Tools in the Pack include:

  • Create: Locator at Custom Pivot Axis 
  • Modify: Proportional Placement Tool 
  • Modify: Stack / Align Objects 
  • Modify: Offset Transforms 
  • Modify: Randomize Transforms (Basic) 
  • Display: Enable Popup Help 
  • Modeling: Flatten Component (Basic) 
  • Rigging: Create Joint at Custom Pivot Axis 
  • Rigging: Create Circle Control 
  • Rigging: Performance Utilities – Profile One Frame 
  • Rendering: Clean up Mental Ray Nodes

Visit the Maya Blog for more information, and download Maya BonusTools 2020 on the Maya app exchange.