What’s The Difference Between Ik And Fk?

Ace5 Studios Covers the Differences Between IK and FK for Both Legs and Arms in Cinema 4D.

After you get the hang of things, 3D characters can seem daunting. The terminology alone would deter most new users and there’s a difference between IK (inverse kinematics) and FK (forward kines). If you’re already familiar with these terms from past experience in animations or computer science classes, then great! But what do they mean?

I’ll tell ya: Inverse Kinematics works on joints where we need an equation that determines how much force needs to be applied at each point along its trajectory while Forward Kinematic does not require such knowledge because it only cares about inputting some angles into our program which automatically outputs speed adjustments for every Linked Hand Bone Object animation asset found within unreal.

Knowing the difference between FK and IK can make all of your characters more flexible. Watch this 15 minute video tutorial from Aleksey Voznesenski at Ace 5 Studios for an explanation on how it works with character rigs in Cinema 4D!.

Aleksey begins his tutorial by going over the difference between Forward and Inverse Kinematics on both legs and arms. He then goes into detail about how it can be applied in cinema4D, but this theory is applicable everywhere!