Why Even Triangulate Game Assets?

Josh Gambrell shows why you should triangulate game assets in your workflow.

Triangles are the backbone of any 3D rendering. They allow us to see what is on screen, and they’re easy for memory storage because there’s only three types: A-Triangle (or 0), B-triangle(1)and C-. But why do game models always seem to have them? It turns out internally all applications triangulate models before drawing faces or translating quads into triangles before sending over as input data!

Triangulating in Blender is an efficient way to save time and create great looking 3D models.
I highly recommend this technique for any modeler with even the most basic knowledge of modeling software, like blender’s default current subdivision settings or another program such as Zbrush with similar workflow preferences However it may also be helpful when using more advanced applications which have less editing options available (i.e., reduced list pop-out panel icons).

About Josh Gambrell.

Josh is a 3D artist and educator with nearly 10 years of experience using Blender. He’s created some amazing artworks that you can see on his YouTube channel, such as this one: https://www2.youtube-nocookie&rel=0
He also creates video tutorials for those who are just getting started in the field or want to refresh their skills!