WMF Kult Mix & Go Smoothie Mini Blender, Tritan bottle St. steel Blender unboxing and instructions

By Pduesp


Blender https://amzn.to/2SlYwp5

WMF Kult Mix & Go Smoothie Mini Blender (Tritan bottle, Stainless steel Blender)

The Mix & Go is an all-inclusive, high quality stainless steel blender that’s perfect for blending smoothies and other fruit shakes. You can also use it to purée hot drinks like coffee or tea with ice in just one easy step! This versatile machine comes complete with a beverage lid so you never need worry about losing any of your favorite flavors when on the go– making this affordable mixology essential even more convenient than ever before.

The timeless, traditional design is characterised by clean lines that end in gentle curves. High quality materials like Cromargan ensure durability and a good feel so breakfast becomes more than just food!