Working With 3D Noise And Redshift Environment Fog

Saul Espinosa Shows Off a New Redshift Feature that Lets You Add 3D Noise to Volumetric Effects.

This article discusses the recent addition of volumetric rendering to popular software. While many programs now have this capability, it’s especially notable in Arnold and Corona where users can control volumes using 3D noise or ramps for more realistic effects on Environment Fog breakup scenes.

Environment artists at MAX since the beginning of time have been using Renders and Effects to achieve different looks. But with Redshift’s new feature, it is now easier than ever! Watch as Saul teaches you how in just 10 minutes or less!.

Saul Espinosa is a freelance matte painter and concept artist in the entertainment industry. You can help him create more tutorials like this one by subscribing to his Patreon page!