Working With 3delight In Side Fx Houdini

Rohan Dalvi shows how you can use 3Delight in Houdini, covering the basics.

Rohan Dalvi, a VFX artist and educator at Side FX in Montreal Canada talks about the 3Delight program which he has found to be useful for artists.
Rohann says: “3DLight provides quick results with very little input from me so it’s great when working on shoots where time is limited.” He goes onto explain how using this software makes his job easier – less guesswork involved!

3Delight is a Renderman compliant render engine developed by Illumination Research, and it’s currently in active development for Houdini. The current version of the software has been around 80% complete as well with various features already implemented on top of its workhorse core that was designed from day one to be flexible enough accommodate any production need while still being fast paced enough not hold back your creative process.
“While incomplete,” says our own Luke Clausen-Banks about this popular choice among studios at IR&D “It works quite well…

About Rohan Dalvi.

3D artist and trainer, Rohan Dalvi is well known for his Side FX Houdini techniques.