Working With Ae’s Value At Time Expression

Evan Abrams has a look into the basics for working with Value at Time expression in After Effects.

What is Value At Time, and why do I need it?
This short tutorial by Evan Abrams will help you set an animation delay in After Effects. He shows how this can create some really cool effects for when your characters are walking or running!

The value of a property can change over time. For example, if you had an expression that calculated how many stars are visible on any given night and then applied some filter to it before outputting the result–the final number might not be what was expected because things like clouds would affect which starlight were actually seen by our telescopes (or eyes).

That’s where Evan’s ‘valueAtTime’ function comes into play! “The callback gets called with every new Calculated Field-, Numerator Value Update Callback message sent from After Effects so we know exactly when values change,” says Abrams.” If this sounds interesting but scary—don’t worry; I’ll cover all basics here.