Working With After Effects But Still Drawing Every Frame By Hand

Ben Marriott breaks down how he created a hand-drawn look in After Effects by hand-drawing every frame.

Animation has been around for centuries, and traditional animation is still king. One way to give your videos that old school charm? Draw each frame by hand! In this new tutorial from Ben Marriott he shows how you can use After Effects as a guide while planning out an Animation project in order obtain similar results without having any artistic skill whatsoever.

It’s almost like cheating since there are plenty of tutorials available online or on video libraries across the internet if needed assistance learning how make things happen quickly enough at their desired pace.

There’s something special about working with real world items such as pencils sticks crayons markers construction paper instead digital software tools.

All of the drawings are brought back into After Effects to continue their cycle. This new technique takes a computer-aided animation and combines it with traditional drawing techniques, using Ae as an animated guide for added charm!