Working With Animation Nodes Text In Blender

Zach Hixson Covers the Essentials for Working with Text When Using Animation Nodes for Motion Graphics Work

Motion graphics and type animation go hand in glove. If you’re working with Blender, Text is easy–but if your goal is to create text that can be animated more creatively than just by changing its size or orientation on the screen (or using some other static effect), Animation-Nodes will make this happen!

Animation Nodes Text allows you to create text that can be animatated. It shares the same name as Blender’s internal Text Node; AnimationNodes only stores a string of characters, but with some special nodes inbetween for fun! You could use these functions like so: “animateText(fontname)”, where fontname would denote any typeface or symbol library added over time through user input.-

AnimationNodes is a revolutionary new technology that will change the way you create motion graphics for films, TV shows and more. In this tutorial video by Zach Hixson of mentornotiondesigns., he goes over all steps needed to get started with Animation Nodes in Adobe After Effects CS5 or later on your computer system – including where they are available through Creative Cloud subscriptions!