Working With Chaos Cloud And V-ray For Maya

Carlos Alvarez Velazquez covers working with Chaos Cloud and offers a few giveaways too.

Carlos Velazquez has reached a major milestone on his Youtube channel, with 10 thousand subscribers. To celebrate the occasion he designed and uploaded an informative video teaching viewers how to use the new Chaos Cloud plug-in for After Effects CS5+ as well as providing some free goodies from our store such as copies of “The Art Of Motion Graphics: Interactivity & Event Design” by Robyn Scaglia or credits worth $50 towards any item purchased at CV Productions website!

Now you don’t need to worry about hardware or virtual machines. With the Chaos Cloud, all your rendering needs are taken care of in one easy package!

“Thank you so much for following me on this journey. I’m thrilled that 10k of you decided to come along!”

I’m giving you 100 credits worth of Cloud Storage for 3 subscribers. It doesn’t matter if they use it in Maya, Max/3DSD+, or another program with VRay!