Working With Cinema 4D Files Natively In Unreal

Datasmith is a new plugin for Unreal Engine that imports C4D files natively. This means you can use all the power and features of its animation simulation software with any game project, making it easier than ever before to create beautiful animations without having anything but your imagination at hand!

The 3D world is changing at a rapid pace. Some changes are helpful, but some can be positively earth-shattering to your creative process – especially if you’re working in real time!

One such development that may have astronomers out thrumming with excitement (pun absolutely intended) has been announced by Epic Games this week: native support for cinema4d inside of their latest release of Unreal Engine 4 through the Datasmith plugin — available as part free beta within unreal Studio until one year after its full launch. It certainly seems like things will never be same again now…

Jonathan Winbush shows how that all works by showing us the new Datasmith plugin for Unreal Engine. This integration allows you to natively import .c4d files, import geometry and materials into your project hierarchy while also letting users bake complex procedural motion graphics in realtime with ease using Cinema 4D’s ‘save for Cineware command.”