Working With Cryptomattes In After Effects

Helge Maus Offers an Introduction to Working With Cryptomattes in After Effects, Thanks to ProEXR 2.

Cryptomattes is a tool that allows you to create ID mattes automatically based on information in your scene at render time. Watch the following tutorial from Pixel Train’s Helge Maus for how it works!
It’s easy enough, just enter some basic data about what kind of clip or matte should go where when working with ProEXR 2-channel EXRs – but does anyone have any ideas if crepitating midtones are actually more difficult than vividly colorful ones?

While 3D and compositing have been two solid years since Psyop’s Jonah Friedman and Andy Jones unleashed Cryptomatte onto the world. Recently though, After Effects has begun to embrace this new technology with ProEXR 2 from Fnord which will allow users in certain applications such as Adobe Suite – known for its excellent renderer-to use auto mats without having any additional plugins installed on their computer or timelines slowed down because of resource intensive plug ins like Luxe Rendering Engine (LER).

AE and EXRs

Brendan Bolles, the man responsible for fnord plugins in After Effects CS4 and onwards has been single-handedly doing his part to make EXR IO available on every Adobe product since.
Barely anyone can claim credit where it’s due but this guy does!

ProEXR 2

What’s new in the update?
ProEXR 2 is now free to download and updates. Learn more about all of its features, or get a copy for After Effects here!