Working With Green Screens And Keying In Blender

Jacob Swing provides an in-depth look at the entire green screen keying process for Blender.

Green screens are an easy way to make your video production stand out. However, compositors must be able remove them when working with Blender. In this two-part tutorial series Jacob Swing takes you through how he removes greenScreen in order for him and his workstation on the scene visually integrates into whatever background that is being filmed against.”I hope these can help anyone looking use blender as a composite program!” says swing.

Abut Jacob Swing

Jacob Swing is an Asia based CG Generalist. He started using Blender back in the late ’90s, and his love for this program has never waned. Currently he works as a freelance Modeler and Videographer to bring characters to life with stunning visuals that will enchant you!