Working With Guide Groups In Houdini

Mario Reitbauer explains guide groups in Houdini and how to split grooms into different areas.

Working with hair tools in Houdini includes the ability to group guides, primitives and parting lines. It’s an easy way you can split up your groom into different areas of work without having any trouble!

What is a Guide Group, and How do I use it?

The groups in Houdini are a great way to divide grooming tasks on your character. You can have the style and details of one part different than another, which will keep things interesting!

About Mario Reitbauer

Reitbauer has been working in the film and television industry for over 10 years. He’s a freelance Groom & CFX TD, specializing largely on groomings as well dynamic rig setup or shot-based simulations with his extensive experience from various projects all around Asia Pacific region including Australia to Israel; he also offers great service if you need any help while traveling internationally!

Reitbauer offers rigging, character animation and technical direction. They also provide particles effects for visual arts like rendering (Arnold) or fire simulation in production environments such as the studio’s flame artist tools pipeline developed by their team of engineers to help artists produce realistic flames across platforms; this includes both 2D illustrations on paper with digital colorization too!