Working With Mocha Pro’s Power Mesh In Nuke

Lars Wemmje shows how Mocha’s Power Mesh can handle difficult shots in Nuke

Mocha Pro’s Power Mesh feature can track stretching and warping surfaces, making it an ideal addition to the VFX powerhouse tool. Check out this new tutorial from Lars Wemmje which shows how you can easily Track difficult shots in Nuke with power mesh!

Lars begins by setting up his shot using various tools available within Mocha pro like motion tracking points or Expresso plugins for facial capture workflows. He then demonstrates how easy it is when utilizing any one of these features along-side “The holy Grail” – Powe Mesh mapping mode

The Mocha Pro plugin is a tool that allows you to track warping surfaces. It’s similar in concept and function as Chris Vranos’ Lockdown for After Effects, but has some advantages over it too such as working under different packages like Nuke instead of just the HitFilm suite (which only includes Premiere).