Working With Multichannel Exrs In After Effects

Helge Maus Offers an Introduction to Working With MultiChannel EXRs With ProEXR 2 in Ae.

Pixeltrain’s Helge Maus covers the basics for working with MultiChannel EXRs in After Effects, using updated ProEXR plugins from Fnord. This video shows how easy it is to extract channels from a single asset rather than rendering elements as individual assets and wasting disk space or requiring more complicated workflows (like animations).

After Effects has bundled the Fnord EXR plugins for a while now, however, this update navigates an old bug in After Effects that made working with multichannel EXRs tedious as it would slow down to almost crawl. You can read more about that and how Brendan Bolles overcame these issues by releasing new free OpenEXR plugin releases from his company at https://www2.fnord liberating-creative professionals like yourselves!

The new update to ProEXR is a plugin that enables you to composite 3D renders directly within Adobe After Effects. This article will show you how easy it can be!