Working With Non-planar Symmetry In Zbrush

Symmetry is a common technique used in the production of art and design. It offers an interesting way to work on one side, while affecting both sides at once–something which most applications utilize through symmetry based off tolerance or similarity between halves
ZBrush also utilizes this concept but allows for non-planar shapes too!

If you have a symmetrical model in ZBrush, but don’t want to enable symmetry for some reason and work with it disabled? Non-planar Symmetry is your best bet. Arrimus 3D shows how this particular type enables users who need specific shapes or figures without having their models become skewed because of the built-in feature that helps them stay perfect no matter what angle they’re viewed from

Zbrush has an option called “Non Planar,” which allows us greater flexibility when creating waxes/ sculpture etc., whether we are working on flat.

Arrimus 3D has created a bunch of helpful video tutorials that are sure to answer any question you have about the subject. For example, he recently uploaded one on how to optimize your computer’s settings for gaming performance (link). If this kind gentleman interests or helps with anything in his videos please consider donating via Patreon page!