Working With Photometric And Ies Lights In Arnold

Academic Phoenix Plus Covers Arnold Photometric Lights to get more realistic light patterns in renders.

Arnold is one of the most popular rendering engines out there, and it has a variety of lights that artists can use. One such light source is photometric- these work much like real-life fixtures do to create realistic lighting for interiors!

Monica from Academic Phoenix Plus shows how to work with Arnold’s IES lights as part of her deeper look into all lights in the scene, including some examples for those who are unfamiliar. It’s important to remember that these types of files cannot simply be converted; they must first be opened and readied properly before rendering out shadows or other complex effects needed by an advanced production pipeline like Visual Studio Light Rigging (VSLR).

Motions explaining tips on opening up ies2009_file_.ipes file formats within Maya software programs such as P Facility Pro 2.