Working With Python Scripts With Mash

Maximilian Schönherr Helps Get You Started With Using Python to Control Aspects of Maya’s MASH Motion Graphics Toolkit

CG Artist Maximilian Schönherr is back with another helpful tutorial for beginners. He helps you get started using MASH, Maya’s Motion Graphics Toolkit by walking through the basics of Python programming to drive and control various aspects in this amazing tool! Whether or not he has scripting experience will come as no surprise because these videos are always easy-to follow without any prior knowledge required.

Ian has done a lot of work ahead of time and covered two articles that show how you can turn points on or off based on the normals for certain meshes. His walkthrough will also teach us about setting ID’s with color-based vertexIDs, which are accessible here

Ian Covered Two Articles That Showed How To Work With Maya And Python.