Working With Substance Alchemist And Redshift

Five31 posts a look into working with Substance Alchemist and Redshift in C4D

It’s time to make your next invention with the power of Substance! You can explore creating materials using a variety or technologies, including procedural-based and capture based. With features like Auto Materials Generator – which automatically generates geometry for you from scratch in many different categories such as circles or ellipses so that it saves valuable production hours-it doesn’t matter what kind of project you have going on because there is sure to be an option best suited just for where YOU need help making something awesome come alive…

This product was created by Alchemist Games Studio who continues their innovative work into bringing new toolsets designed specifically around creativity outside traditional gaming genres while providing users freedom through options available when designing 3D content regardless if they’re professional creators looking outwards.

A little while ago, Five31 (Liam Clisham) posted a live stream replay on Instagram showing his workflow between Substance Alchemist and Redshift. In it he moves materials from the former app into the latter for creating new ones based off real life models or items that can’t be found in any other place!