Working With The 3D Camera Tracker In Fusion

VFX Artist Simon Ubsdell Shares Some Workflow Recommendations for Working With the New 3D Camera Tracker in Fusion 9

Simon Ubsdell covers the basics for working with Fusion 9’s 3D camera tracker, offering some workflow recommendations along the way. He also takes you through an introduction to Maya and NU imposing software that will help your projects come alive in ways unimaginable beforehand!

In the past, tracking a moving camera in live action shots required complex post-production techniques. But with Blackmagic Design’s new Fusion 9 3D Camera Tracker and its ability to auto analyze footage for focal length/distortion calculations during capture; these challenges have been simplified significantly!

Ubsdell has created an informative 15 minute tutorial that will teach you how to set up your camera and shoot scenes for effective tracking. This video is perfect if you are just starting out or want some more tips about what it takes in order to make the process easier!