Working With The Realfow Granular Solver In Cinema 4D

Simulation Therapy shows how to set up a granular solver in C4D to create a pile of sugar.

A solver is a critical factor when it comes to particle simulations. Solving particles can be difficult and time consuming, so you want the best for your project! The right kind of solution will make all those hours worth while because they’ll give life-like results with increased stability in no time at all. Check out this four part tutorial on using RealFlow’s granular simulator in C4D: Part 1 – Setting up Your Scene (10 minutes), 2nd 3rd 4th Steps To Create A Sugar Pile.

Part one will teach you how to set up your granular solver initially while also demonstrating a study of reference video on this topic. In the other installments, we dive into tweaking key parameters so that particles can be created and linked with Thinking Particles in order for access visualization inside Redshift when using Realflow toolsets from within Adobe Premiere Pro CS6+ or After Effects CC 2015+.