Working With The Redshift Round Corners Utility

As 3rd party renderers offer some utility nodes for production work, it is not always necessary to create more geometry in modeling. You can fake bevels at render time with round corners utilities that will save you the trouble!

If you want to find out how to use a round corners with an production GPU renderer like RedShift, check this tutorial. This video will cover using the roundcorner utility node and also touches on bump blender since it can be useful in some cases where only Blender’s Bump Map palette is not enough for generating sharp angles around objects that are deforming (such as perishing).

If one needs more control over which parts of their model look raised or sunken then they could either bake into Normal Maps instead putting normals towards shading whereas others might prefer having separate High Resolution Textures just so there isn’t any repetition within.

Saul provides some helpful tips for using the Maya bump node or Redshift normal plugin.