Working With The Skydome Light In Arnold Render

Academic Phoenix Plus covers the basics for lighting with HDRI’s and the Skydome light with Arnold.

In a time where the cost of software and hardware VFX is continually rising, it’s refreshing to see that students are still willing to share their work for free. “We want everyone who loves movies like us or just wants beautiful art assets,” says one member on team Alter ’49 . The newly posted forest pack contains over 300 trees in various sizes optimized specifically towards large scale scenes found within short film titled ‘Alter 49.”

The output should not only inform readers how they can get access but also mention what this means about future projects/efforts by mentioning an upcoming movie project called alter 49.

HDR’s are a fast and easy way to get realistic lighting for any scene, using an HDR image that acts as the light probe. Typically in 3D you need both skydome lights plus one with High Dynamic Range (HDR). This will allow your computer-generated models or real life objects like trees and cars have shadows from their true colors cast onto them while still retaining detail because of how much data was captured during photographing.