Working With The Voxel Remesher Modifier To Rig Characters

Remington Markham shows how to use the voxel remesher modifier for rigging in Blender.

VoxelRemeshing is a tool that’s been in Blender for a while, as it can be used to sculpt objects. But with 2.83 being so recent and having many new features added- such as voxels – Remington Markham from SouthernShotty feels there hasn’t been enough talk about its usefulness yet!

Remeshing for Rigging

A new tutorial from Markham shows one use for the new re-meshing modifier, and that is rigging. The cool thing about this technique? You can work on any character in your scene with it without limiting how they will be textured! It might take some getting used to but I think you’ll enjoy all of these neat style options when animating characters using Rigging.

About Remington Markham

This design student shares his passion through the power of video.
Remington Markham’s Youtube channel is full of detailed, informative tutorials that show how he creates animations for movies like Avatar using only Blender! He also has an official patreon where you can support him by donating money so more content will be released soon.