Working With Top Stitching In Marvelous Designer

Travis Davids shows how to work with a new feature in marvelous designer for creating top stitching.

The latest version of Marvelous Designer allows users to create new details, called top stitching. It’s a great way to get more realistic and Finder-like stitches into your artwork! For an in depth look at how this feature works be sure check out this tutorial by Travis Davids who explores it further on hischannel.

Marvelous Designer 7 is a new program that allows users the ability to make their own stitch patterns. Davids shows how it’s different from segmented and free topstitching as well as what you need in order for them both, such an object or garment, so they can be applied properly on T-Shirts objects

The pros: *New features like “Create New Stitches” which will let you design your very own unique stitches! As seen here with David demonstrating all of these amazing variations including one called’Seamless Topstitch’. There’s also something really cool where if I want just plain old Straight Lines then by pressing down lightly over my Design Screen.

T-shirts are a popular form of clothing and it’s easy to make your own. With the right tools, you can use this tutorial from Davids’ T shirt: Pencil Case Design Course that will teach how he made his own design in just 10 steps! You’ll also want to take look at Flipped Normals who found out about making one using MD resources here; be sure not miss out on all their other great tutorials while browsing through them either way!