Working With Unity Artengine To Create Realistic Materials

Victor Kam shows how to process materials using the AI-Powered Unity ArtEngine.

Artengine is a cutting-edge app that takes the guesswork out of generating materials for artists. It does this by using artificial intelligence and machine learning, which are then translated into high quality textures or Toying Mapping Maps to use in games like Unreal Engine 4 from Epic Games!

Learn how to make your own 3D model from scratch with this powerful AI-based material creation tool!
In these tutorials, you will learn about the different techniques and tips that Victor Kam has learned over time. His videos are informative yet easy for anyone who wants a quick overview or more detailed understanding of what’s happening in each step – they’re perfect even if it feels like magic at first glance because we’ll be teaching ourselves through experience instead of memorizing information as seen on paper alone (or worse: YouTube).

In one video, Kam talks about how ArtEngine helped her to repair and build a tileable material used for rendering inside Marmoset Toolbag.

In this short clip from the “How To” series created by 3D artist Kamila Shamszad Karimi Troudi (aka @kamilashams), we see an example where reconstruction results were less than optimal with the scan she was working on in Osiris Viewer 1.0 – so before moving onto fixing anything else or doing additional tweaking as required depending upon whether there are other problems present such as warping etc., Victor takes it into his own hands using AI tools which he finds most useful UtiliTex.

ArtEgine is a powerful cleaning tool that will help you scan more efficiently and effectively. Learn about this software here!