Wrap 3 Can Automatically Fit A Base Mesh To A 3d Scan

The Russian 3D Scanner, or R3DS as they’re known have been developing products around their nearly magical wrap technology. The latest version of this product faster scanning and cleanup pipeline with the addition of a brand new algorithm that’s nothing short amazing!

Retopo Once

The Wrap 3D scanning system is so fast and efficient, it can even transform Kinect data into accurate models. A new algorithm has been implemented to process more problematic scanned materials such as partial scans or full body scans with no margin for error! Enter your MRI key below now if you want one of these revolutionary tools in yours hallowed halls today!”

Wrap 3 Core Features:

  • Node Graph Architecture
  • Improved Wrapping Algorithm
  • Parallel Batch Procesing
  • Mesh Filtering Tools
  • Large Set of Example Scans and Basemeshes

Wrap 3 is Crazy

The system is so powerful and capable that it can even handle things you would think were impossible, like a hand with closed fingers or hiding a ball. Wrap 3 will still wrap the base mesh to scan no matter how much of its surface might be occluded by other objects in-game!

The Wrap 3D Scanner is a powerful and versatile tool for analyzing complex datasets. Not only does it provide tools to work with scanned data, such as decimation or mesh filtering; but also gives you the ability of creating your own scans on demand in node based workspace!