Wrapping A Plane Around A Sphere In Maya

There are three different ways you can make the plane wrap around a sphere in Maya. You could do it with morphing Deformers or dynamics simulation, muscle systems for more dynamic animation; another way is by using Poser’s built-in tools like BPRDs (Body Part Response Descriptors) for motion capture animations that use human poses as reference points to define how limbs move over time
Two other popular options include Nuke Studio 3D and PFTrack which both offer software solutions tailored towards video game developers who need easy access updates made easily on set while shooting their scenes.

In more recent versions of Maya there is the addition of a special Deformer called Shrink Wrap. This new tool was designed specifically for wrapping planes around spheres and other objects, as demonstrated in this tutorial by Sherkhan Hamd Classroom Trainer at Media Lab UK
I hope you enjoy watching our video about how to use it!

How would you like to wrap a plane around your sphere? Simply transfer the vertices from one object to another and voila! You’ve just created an elegant looking cylinder.