Xgen For Beginners, Creating Your First Hairstyle

Character artist, Danny Mac helps new artists “find their feet” with Xgen in Autodesk’s Maya software.

3D characters are all about the details, and this includes how they look. In order to really make your character stand out from others you need some extra attention in their features such as eyes or clothes! For example when it comes down hair-style there is a variety of options available but if one artist has taught me anything over these last few years its that having a tutorial can make things much easier on yourself – check out what Danny Mac had to say about Xgen Animation Tool in Maya for creating new hairstyles quick an easy.

Xgen is a revolutionary tool for professionals in the animation industry. It allows you to create fur, hair and more with ease; most of its functions can be straightforwardly executed by following simple tutorials or instructions on how best do it. However there are still some hangups like having to go through an additional step after capturing reference images before getting started which makes things tedious at times.