You Can Create Looping Animations With The Time Field In Cinema 4D

Jonas Pilz shows how to use the Time Field to create looping animations.

Animated graphics are making a comeback with the help of social media, and they can be complicated to make. However, there is an easier way- using Cinema 4D’s Fields paradigm! You simply create your keyframes like you would for any other animation;

However, instead put them all inside one polygon which will loop infinitely through various values at different speeds (or rates).
Doing this allows designers who don’t have much time or skill in these fields to still get their desired outcome without feeling defeated before even trying by following traditionalAnimation techniques only available on high-end software suites.

Looping Animations Using the Time Field.

Jonas Pilz of Maxon gives us the secret to creating an awesome animation with this quick tip tutorial. He starts by showing how we can use Time fields in Cinema 4D, which allow for looping animations or ping-pong back and forth between two frames!

You’ll also learn about using curve modifier layers so that you have more control over offsetting your parameters depending on what kind of action sequence it is you’re trying to create – whether its something simple like shooting hoops all day long every single morning at 5am while still being able enough to do other things throughout your workday.