You Can Use 3d-coat Toon Shader For A Cel-shaded Line Art Look

Ian Thompson Shares a Look at Using 3D-Coat Toon Shader Preset to Create a Cel-Shaded & Weighted Line Look

3D-Coat is a powerful tool that allows you to create photorealistic renders using realistic textures and materials. 3DC can be used for both non-photorealistic as well as illustrative rendering, which will give the user more creative freedom when creating their artwork or visual effects in movies.

2d artist ian thompson demonstrates how he made use of Toon Shader available with this software package by changing up some settings on his personal workstation3ds Max 2017+CC.

With 3D-Coat Toon Shader preset and a few changes to the original mesh, Thompson tweaks settings so you can create cel-shaded art with weighted lines for an illustrative look.